Hotel Manali Palace
Super Deluxe Room

A super deluxe room in a hotel epitomizes unparalleled luxury, surpassing both standard and deluxe accommodations. These opulent quarters boast expansive spaces, often featuring a separate seating or dining area, and embody lavishness through premium amenities like larger, plush beds, sophisticated furnishings, and exquisite decor. Distinctive offerings such as private balconies with panoramic views, indulgent features like Jacuzzis or fireplaces, and personalized services such as priority check-in, exclusive access to premium facilities, and sometimes even dedicated butler service elevate the guest experience.

  • Check-In : 12:00 PM

  • Check-Out : 11:00 AM

  • Welcome Drink on arrival.

Rs. 1650/Night
  • Check In Time : 12:00 PM

  • Check Out Time : 11:00 PM

Hotel Manali Palace beckons travelers to experience a harmonious fusion of traditional charm and contemporary luxury.


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